AMD and Windows-based EliteDesks are more alike than you may think, except for the price tag. Saving on your PC enables you to further upgrade your experience.


Broad adoption of HP & AMD PCs helps extend IT budgets for better experiences. Those savings can be applied to the purchase of additional features, such as HP Sure View or upgraded components like docks, displays, and other experiential features that delight end users and IT alike.


HP & AMD have worked together consistently for over 15 years and continue to strengthen our portfolio of solutions with gen-over-gen improvements in performance and reliability.

Battery Life

All day battery for an interruption free workflow. Get within 95% of the performance of AC level Performance, while on battery power. Beyond software changes mean switching to “better battery life” makes changes all the way down to the hardware level for even longer battery life options.


AMD and Windows-based units are better for the environment. Speaker enclosure made from 50% recycled material, including ocean bound plastics. Backlit keyboard keycaps made from 50% recycled DVDs. Outer box packaging sustainably sourced, supplied by Forest Stewardship Council certified vendors and recyclable after use.

Upgraded Experiences To Work From Anywhere

Broad adoption of HP & AMD PCs extends IT budgets for better experiences that adapt to any working environment. Working at the office, home, or anywhere in between, these savings can be applied to purchase upgraded components like docks, monitors, memory, storage, and other features that delight end users and IT alike.

Security & Manageability

Security and manageability features from HP and AMD work together to create an always on, always acting, resilient defense that is easily managed. From the BIOS to the browser, above and below the OS, these constantly evolving, no compromise solutions allow for quick and easy integration into your environment.

Powerful Performance

HP & AMD have a long and highly collaborative relationship, offering remarkably designed PCs with leading processor technology. By driving capability and performance, we are delivering long battery life while offering a broad quality tested portfolio.

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